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Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) Required for Entering Jeju Island(Starting September 1, 2022)

Date 2023-01-06

○ Since the visa-free entry to Jeju Island has resumed from June 1, Jeju Island has become the bypass entry point for the foreigners who get denied of K-ETA. And there are the increased number of foreigners who were denied to enter the island or found to be illegal residents.

○ Therefore, the Ministry of Justice decided the implementation of K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization) on Jeju Island from September 1, considering the opinions of Jeju-si, Jeju Tourism Association and other relevant organizations.

○ All nationals of 112 countries/regions who are entering the Republic of Korea including Jeju Island without visa are subject for K-ETA.

However, considering the opinions of negative influences to the tour industry, and the special act of Jeju Island, the MOJ decided that the foreigners who are not the nationals of the visa-waiver countries/regions (112 countries) do not require K-ETA.